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Thursday, February 5, 2009

Burger King

So yesterday was one of those days. At 6 o'clock I still hadn't even started dinner, so when my husband got home we went out to eat. I cringed when the guy told me our total. We got girls one item each off the dollar menu and they shared a drink and fries. My husband and I each got a value meal, but we got one of the cheapest ones and neither of us up-sized. Uck!

Now that I'm keeping track of exactly how much we're spending on eating out, I'm so much more conscientious of how much we're wasting. Which is good because I don't think I really realized it before. I saw that maybe we only ate out 3 times in a week instead of 5 and thought we were doing good instead of realizing that those three times were still costing us ~$60 for the food, not to mention the groceries that I was throwing out because we weren't eating them fast enough.

Still, it is a very hard habit to break. Every time we get the circulars, I think, well if we use this coupon. . . or when I drive by some of the places we frequented and they have a new item, I think, that would be good. Then I have to remind myself that we're trying to cut back so we can more wisely spend our money and so that we can be healthier. So I am constantly reminding myself of our goals and doing my best to resist temptation.

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