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Monday, January 26, 2009

BBQ chicken and risotto

So, Saturday we went to lunch at Eegee's and then to see Bolt. I only saw the first half because of the baby or else I'd give a review. For dinner Saturday, we had frozen pizza. I had planned on actually cooking dinner, but we got out of the movie later than I envisioned. Sunday I made BBQ chicken and risotto. They had fryer chickens on sale for $0.39/lb so I had to stock up. The chicken wasn't to hard. I just brushed barbeque sauce over it before putting it in the oven and once again after it had been cooking for a little while. My risotto didn't turn out as good as it usually does. It is supposed to be a really creamy rice and it was more dry this time. It was still good though. I think I just needed to add more liquid. Normally, I would make chicken and sweet potato risotto, but this time I just made the risotto, so I wasn't using my normal recipe.

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