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Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Fried Bologna Sandwich

One of my childhood lunch favorites is fried bologna sandwiches. I'm not a big fan of bologna in general, in fact, this is the only way I will eat it.

I like to fry my bologna first. Make sure to place a couple slices around the edges, otherwise the bologna will curl. When it has cooked to desired doneness, I take two pieces of bread and spread them with either butter or mayonaise (if you want a more even brown look, use mayo. It doesn't effect flavor whatsoever.) Place one slice bread butter side down, top with fried bologna and a slice of cheese and the other slice of bread, buttered side up. When first side has browned, flip over and brown the other side.
If you want, finish with mustard, lettuce and tomato.

What best is this is quite inexpensive. Package of bologna-$1, loaf of bread-$.88, package of sliced cheese-$1. Three dollars and you can have it for more than one day making it quite a prize.

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  1. Mmmmm.....tasty! Thanks for the recipe, I gotta try this one of these days. I loooove sandwiches, which is why I got super excited that Schlotzsky's released their three new Big League Clubz sandwiches alongside their baseball-themed sweepstakes and promotion (check out Entrants can win a grand prize trip to St. Louis, Missouri in July, personalized mini-bats, and lots of other baseball swag.

    The contest ends 5/31/09, so check it out for sure. The sandwiches are great and definitely affordable, so try 'em if you can (Beef 'n Bacon seems to be the favorite)!

    Thanks again for the recipe :)




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