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Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Fried Green Plantains

I tried these for the first time at a Columbian restaurant for lunch. I had never had plantains before and they were quite good and looked really easy to make. The taste is inbetween fried zuchinni and fried potatoes.

You need:

1-2 large green plantains
enough oil for frying
salt, to taste

Peel plantains and slice into 1 inch pieces.
Heal oil in skillet.
Place slices in oil and fry for about 5 min on each side.
Remove from skillet and place on paper towels. Using a plate or skillet mash each plantain slice until half its size.
Place back in skillet and fry about 1 min each side.
Season with salt.

These are good served with salsa and a nice alternative to fries.

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